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I'm Kenzie aka Kenzo, a fashion enthusiast originally from Seattle, now based in Los Angeles.

Fashion has always been an exciting outlet for me, something I use to make myself feel fabulous on my least fabulous days, and extra fabulous on already great days. 

I firmly believe everyone should own the confidence to rock whatever look or style that empowers them to feel like the best version of themselves possible, so I became a stylist to help spread that self expression and confidence through my work by bringing to life phenomenal looks for baddies of any gender, age, or race. 
The fashion industry is known for being rough on our planet, something I work hard to combat against as a stylist by sourcing my inventory and wardrobe sustainably and ethically whenever possible as well working with conscious brands that are working hard towards upholding the same green standards all without compromising a final flawless high end look. 

In my efforts to cut back on my environmental impact while working in this industry one of my personal favorite styling options of fabric draping has become immensely popular amongst my clients. A seemingly simple solution that's cost effective with endless styling option and a massive visual impact (see "ko originals + draping" in my portfolio). Name a look and I can wrap + drape the perfect fit on any model on the spot to look like they stepped right out of Vogue all while using luxe fabrics that can be reused and brought back to life making this styling option not only affordable and sustainable but also meaning the sky is the limit on custom and versatile creations.

If you have any business inquiries, collaboration interests, or would like to request a more specific quote shoot me an email with all the details of your shoot, I'd love to hear from you and help bring your vision to life!