How to Pack Smart & Fashionably for Vacations

January 31, 2018

Dress: Zara




Let’s cut straight to it - the struggle of packing is real. There is nothing worse than ending up on vacation with an over packed suitcase and nothing to wear (no, you’re probably not going to debut that never worn shirt you randomly just threw in your suitcase that’s been sitting in the back of your closet for the last three years just because it’s vacation). A-number-one rule of packing smart: get in the habit of  pre planning your entire outfit before packing. It may sound tedious, but it’s a game changer. Think Cher Horowitz  from Clueless prepping for school every AM, well until we have the technology to swipe through looks via what seems like a killer realistic Barbie dress up app, throw a little fashion show in your room to hash out some complete looks. Say it with me! “Fash-ion show! Fash-ion show! Fash-ion show at lunch!” I *can* be unbelievably guilty of overpacking. I find that taking the time to pre-plan your outfits and putting on a little fashion show at home, lightens the sheer volume of what is going into your suitcase, and makes getting dressed a breeze every day of your vacation cause you already know your outfit options… and know you’ll look fabulous!




Okay, pre planning your wardrobe is cool and all but if you're like me, the notorious over packer, you do so because you want options. Some days you're feelin' different vibes about your body and outfit... Maybe the mini skirt - body suit combo looked rad back home in LA when I wasn't bloated and had shaved legs, but when I'm in NOLA and consuming my weight in beignets and Bloody Mary's and I don't want to deal with trying to pee in a body suit every 15 mins, I don't want to be left hanging without a backup option. My A #1 way of getting the most variety while traveling is by packing a crap ton of interchangeable items - pretend like you're making a capsule wardrobe (this is the closest I'll ever be able to get to one tbh)! It helps keep the number of items you bring on the minimal side but the number of outfit options high. Not to mention it makes getting dressed way easier every morning.




Look at the fabric you're bringing - it's the best way to get the most out of your clothes especially if you're traveling anywhere with more extremes. 


Going somewhere cold and want to lock in the heat? Try to stick with:

      - wools

      - thick knits such as cable knit

      - cashmere 

      - polyester 

      - nylon (this is best used as a shell or outer layer)


Trying to keep cool & protect yourself from the sun without dying of heat stroke? These will keep your skin breathing even if it's long sleeved:

     - cotton

     - chambray

     - rayon

     - jersey (also packs like a dream - wrinkle free!)

     - linen

     - blends



Last but never least, the easy way to really get more variety + take your outfits to the next level (and honestly make it look more polished + thought out), is to accessorize. A simple accessory can completely change or make outfit - especially when you're trying to milk a more minimal number of separates when you're on vacation. I'm not talking about going too overboard, think of Coco, "Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off." I like to find one thing that just add's a little oomph, like a scarf that you can use as an ascot, head wrap, or even a belt. Here are some of my personal favorite lil somethin' somethin's to take with me:


Tono + Co "The Scout" Scarf

These Scarves are hand dyed and sewed by a crazy talented artist in Long Beach, CA. They come in a wide variety of stunning colors and can be worn in SO many ways (if you're feeling stuck take a look at their cheatsheet!), my ultimate favorite being looped through the chic little brass ring they come with - I'm a sucker for any sort of hardware.


Urban Outfitters Beret


Embellished Sunnies


Blanket Scarves

This has been one of my favorite discoveries for traveling. I. am. obsessed.

I typically have issues on on planes with my lower back hurting because there's zero lower back support in those darn airplane seats - the blanket scarf has been a solution to so many of my traveling problems including: lower back support, a pillow, a blanket, an eye mask, AND hiding my typically gross traveling hair - And when you're not using it for those it can be worn a million different ways. Win, win, win, and more win.












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